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14 Year Old College Graduate

 At just 14-years old, Great Lakes, Illinois native Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is set to graduate from college.

While surfing the net, I stumbled upon this article in Facebook.  My take on it?  Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.  Kids are smarter than we give them credit for and one 14 year old proves that learning is a matter of options.  Read more at Black Youth Project.com

Wassup Chingy?

The pe2013-05-14-13_46_03ople wanna know wassup with ya?  Well I wanna know and it seems like ya’ boi, Ching-a-ling  is  on the job, in the studio working to bring you something new and fresh!  That is right, my boi Howard Baily, Jr., also known as “Chingy” has flipped the switch on the hip hop lover’s nation.

Instead of  ”spitting” out poems from the streets, the “Ching-a-ling” and his money making stylistics is producing something for the grown and sexy!  Check out “Falling” found at www.ChingyJackpot.com.

Chingy is definitely shaking things up and it seems he has a a new inspiration.  The new release, King Judah is different and it pushes a new vibe. The message is clear, relevant and familiar.

It is like an “all call” [public service announcement] for everybody to “wake up” and as Marvin Gaye sings “see what is going on.”  Check out Chingy and see what is going on.  Chingyjackpot.com.

Senseless Traditions & Inhumane Humanity

I came across a posting on Facebook today, 01/24/2014 that reports on the senseless tradition of mass dolphin slaughter in the small town in Denmark. Click here for more details..Please keep list going around the world.

New Music - There Is A God by Darius Washington

In troubled times, we are often left, confused and alone.  However, there is a message for you.  You are not alone and you are loved!

[cvg-video videoId='5' width='500' height='600' /]

Samuel Washington Jr with Darius Washington ·

I am overly ecstatic for my baby brother Darius Washington's new song featuring Alexis LyricallyLexi Spight. When I tell u "I love to Praise" is a sho' nuff churchy tune. They are killin on these vocals forreal. S/o to Jason Clayborn (vocals are beyond ridiculous- Amaaaaaazing) and his crew for the crazy intro to this tune and the BGV's, and Terry Baker for producing an awesome track. In case you had any doubt that the "There Is A God" EP wouldn't amount to much of anything, think again!!! God is up to something and it's in full effect and will be hitting the streets SOON & VERY SOON! Be on the lookout and support my baby brother as he makes his debut as a solo artist. Yall know I support everyone else so its only right that iSupport my own. Im excited for him and this is living proof to me that ".... after you have suffered a while, HE (God) will make you perfect, establish, strengthen and settle YOU"... So in pursuing ur dreams, it wont always be easy. There will be days that will be rough, ohhhhh but AFTER... (1 Peter 5:10) . Yall excuse me, but this project has been in the making for the past few years now and there have been many rough patches but Im so glad that he never lost the faith nor his zeal to finish the ASSIGNMENT God placed on his life. So in the meantime and in between time, if u dont have his first single called "There is A God", I highly recommend you head on over to iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc and get it. Until next time FB fam, I love yall and keep pressing forward, ur breakthrough is just bending the corner!! ‪#‎dlamarmusic‬ ‪#‎worshipper‬‪#‎lyricallylexi‬ ‪#‎albumcoming‬ ‪#‎washingtonbrothers‬


Travon Martin - Self Defense

Trayvo1Such a thought provoking stare by civil rights activist Dick Gregory.  Possibly mad? Perhaps sad? Confused? Disgusted? A barrage of emotions is all I can suspect as he and other dignitaries of peace rallied in this place where Trayvon Martin, was targeted as a victim of random, and senseless violence against black youth in America.

The recent coverage of the George Zimmerman trial suggests that self defense is a reasonable defense for shooting someone.  What however, does the law say about the self-defense of a teen who was attacked?  Let us talk about it.  The defense is doing its job in defending the guilty.  Bravo for your fine performance!  However, justice is not yours to argue and it is not yours to defend. Woe unto you, those who defend and protect the unjust.wassupnetwork_Fraternity Sigma

If you did not attend the "I am Trayvon Martin" rally in your local area, then you are missing a monumental moment in history that effects every young person in America and abroad.

I will share my unforgettable experience with you which is nothing less than awe inspiring.  The well attended event was a success in the small once unknown town of Sanford, FL. wassupnetworktravonrallyPeople of every race and from all over the city, state and country, joined hands to lobby for those slain in a senseless and shameless act of violence. They rallied publically for those who can not speak for themselves because they were slain before they could testify.

wassupnetworktravon2"I am Trayvon Martin," the chant declared repeatedly through out the crowd of anxious and curious onlookers and family supporters. The peaceful energy that swept through the crowd was reassuring and full of expectation to demand action against the mockery of justice.

Justice for Trayvon
The event was hosted by cavalry of freedom fighters such as:
Reverend Al Sharpton, Judge Mathis, NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous, Nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Baisden, Historical legend Dick Gregory and many others.

wassupnetworkTravonMartinIt was nothing short of an amazing to witness the overwhelming show of support; and while the rally ended peacefully, the fight is far from over. Everyday our youth are slaughtered, demoralized and de-characterized by a society that has etched past the line of order and wisdom.
We must pray for our nation. We must light a candle of hope so that in this great millennium of innovation, technology and might, that we do not collapse from the weight of our own arrogance and ignorance. Let us stand for justice and let us stand for hope and peace. With so much as the least of these, we can surely survive.

DSC_0184 (640x425)Below are other sites with interesting links referencing Travon Martin and other stories of injustice.

We all pay such a great price for such morbid ignorance. Have you ever been followed? Perhaps you have been in a store with a pocket full of cash with no apparent look of mischief but yet you are followed through out the store because of one person's hyper hysteria about your intentions?  http://www.democracynow.org/2012/3/30/walking_while_black_killing_of_trayvon

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